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My Parisian Dream It feels as though lately I’m much too obsessed with Paris, is it not? Well, who isn’t? and when I think of Paris, I can only think of gritted Parisian streets, perfect pair of heels and me strutting down them as if it’s my very on runway!...
Welcome back my loves, how have you been doing this January? And by the way, do you guys know this month has been termed as ‘White January’ in India for it has rained more than 5 times, already! And this got me thinking of the fashion from the polar...
Soda Pop Love Layering for Fall Forever 21 dress
Forever 21 dress Hello from the other side, welcome back to my blog you guys! I’m hoping you are enjoying the weather because frankly I am not. Who else is feeling the chills of 5 degrees as soon as the temperature drops down to 20? If you are someone like me,...

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