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      Monsoons- a time for Uncertain rain, Sleepy weather and lots of coziness. But along with this comes the challenge of messy hair! When it comes to styling your hair, there are days when you are clueless and want to have absolutely nothing to do with your hair. So, let’s...
Hair Care Essentials Hi!   For my first post, I'd love to share my haircare essentials. Living in a city, the weather and pollution take a toll on my lovely tresses (Delhi girls know what I'm talking about!). So these are some of the weapons in my armory that I use to fight...
Review : Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement   Who doesn’t have hair woes? Our hair is always either too dry or too oily. We have to deal with tangled hair and split ends, dullness or hair that’s weighed down by product. And all of us Indian girls are taught to use hair oil. Keep...

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