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Soda Pop Love Dad Sneakers
A/W Style Trend: Dad Sneakers There was a time when we yearned for, and welcomed muted palettes and toned down elements; that time is slowly retiring into the past. Speaking of the past, there is something that has been making a comeback from the classics. It contradicts the contemporary taste...
Soda Pop Love Style Trend Alert Vintage Dresses
Style trend alert: Vintage Dresses The perpetual wheel of fashion trends is the ideal representation of the proverb – ‘What goes around, comes around.’ After all, whichever fashion trends graced the past keep resurfacing time and time again. We had the widely adopted choker, brown and deep berry lips, ruffles...
Soda Pop Love Snakeskin addicted
Essentially invented for functional perks, belts gradually came to be an important fashion accessory. Today, more than simply being an accessory that gives your denim jeans a desired fit, it’s also an add-on that readily brings style to an outfit. Now, there are belts that do what they were...

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