A/W ’18 Style Trend: Dad Sneakers


A/W Style Trend: Dad Sneakers

There was a time when we yearned for, and welcomed muted palettes and toned down elements; that time is slowly retiring into the past. Speaking of the past, there is something that has been making a comeback from the classics. It contradicts the contemporary taste for subdued style and delicate details. And, the ideal way to describe it in two words would be retro and funky.

Footwear that you may have considered as old-school and anti-fashion; the ones you’ve only seen on your father’ feet; they are now a major fashion trend. Shoes that are far away from subtlety, and reek of boldness; Dad shoes have revisited from the retro and how! With popular pseudonyms of turbo trainers, ugly sneakers and chunky sneakers, Dad shoes are exactly what they are named after – Dad’s shoes. The chunky, cushioned and oversized sneakers that only men, more importantly middle-aged men donned back in the day are now a millennial manic.

Now that we know that Dad shoes are the new cool, what exactly is peculiar about these?  Over-sized with thick uppers and large soles, Dad shoes are essentially chunky and absurdly stylish while being anything but feminine. And yet, lately, designers have been churning out ‘ugly’ shoes for men and women alike with fashion personas and celebrities donning them in conventional and eccentric styles. Apart from sports brands like Nike and Adidas, high-end labels like Balenciaga and Yeezy are high up on the list of names associated with the Dad shoes. With the Balenciaga Triple S almost epitomizing the current wave trend of the shoes, the extent of their reach and acceptance can be gauged.

Soda Pop Love Dad Sneakers


Here is a quick run through of some ways you can incorporate this funky trend into your Autumn Winter wardrobe.


Soda Pop Love Dad Sneakers


There is nothing more comfortable than basics paired with functional and equally appealing footwear.  If it is an ordinary day to college or work, or a Sunday brunch, then a plain tee worn with denim jeans and these chunky sneakers will be ideal. The basic yet stunning look is apt for a casual occasion that also requires you to be in the best of style and comfort.


Soda Pop Love Dad Sneakers


Another way to adopt ‘ugly shoes’ this season is to match their quintessence with the rest of the look. Since, these shoes come from the days of retro when loose silhouettes were donned everywhere, it only makes sense to bring back that authenticity. Wear them with a trending pair of mom jeans to strike an overall classic impression, while playing with different looks and occasions.


Soda Pop Love Dad Sneakers


Millennial is as much about experimentation as it is about the revival of old trends. Edgy fashion is something that is easy yet tricky, and that is exactly what makes it a quirky challenge. Speaking of edgy, how does a feminine silhouette and print sound with these over-sized, certainly-not-feminine shoes? Absurdly stunning, I would say. Try a romantic dress with a pair of these chunky shoes for a casual lunch or a dinner party; unconventional fashion may sometimes prove to be a breath of fresh air!


Soda Pop Love Dad Sneakers


Again, an edgy affair of style elements, power dressing toned down with these massive dad sneakers is a well-accepted combination too. Your usual formal duo of a pencil skirt and blazer, or formal pants and a crisp white blouse can be dramatically leveraged with these shoes. With a good dose of funky and functionality both, power dressing with a mix of athletic can be utterly uplifting.


Soda Pop Love Dad Sneakers


Safe to say, Dad shoes go with athleisure as aptly as a LBD goes with stilettoes.  So, while you have dipped your feet into the basics, experimental, corporate and the classics, it is about time you also style your dad shoes the way they are ideally supposed to be – with your presentable athletic clothes or simply with your workout clothes!

Soda Pop Love Street Style Plaid Coat

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