Teddy Coat and Animal Print Dress


Welcome back my loves, how have you been doing this January? And by the way, do you guys know this month has been termed as ‘White January’ in India for it has rained more than 5 times, already! And this got me thinking of the fashion from the polar regions of the world! When I think of it, all I can imagine is fur coats and pantone shades, isn’t it? Hence here is a look inspired from the snowcapped countries and their incredible sense of fashion finely blended with my own ethos.

Keeping in mind the possibility of negative temperature, I assumed for a fact that accessorizing the look would be a bad idea for sure! Hence, keeping it minimal with the neckpiece and rings, I added the vintage vibe to my look with this thrifted shoulder bag. To complete my look, I decided to add this faux fur coat, popularly known as a teddy coat, and not a structured coat since it makes your silhouette looks larger and you must already be layered inside for a place like, say, Russia isn’t it? Also, in order to create a subtle contrast with the animal print dress inside, I thought it best to style it with another animal-like element only a subtle colour!

Well girls, here’s your cue for the win, it’s never too cold for glamour so don’t forget to throw on your favorite bodycon dress just like I did and take the streets like a showstopper! Looking forward to how you guys recreate this look and don’t forget to tag me!

Until next time,

Yours truly,

Shraddha xx


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