Pantone color of 2019: Living Coral how to incorporate it in your style


 Pantone color of 2019: Living Coral how to incorporate it in your style

The result of some intense brain-storming and groundwork, the Pantone colour of the year is what rules the art and design industry all over the world. This chosen colour is well thought-over and with one announcement, it is seen everywhere! Well, for 2019, we have a unique hue, which is full of contradicting qualities as well as a taste of balance. Living Coral – a subtle yet lively colour that denotes more than just vibrancy and simplicity; the coming year’s Pantone colour has a deeper meaning.

The hue Living Coral comes with an environmental significance of the coral reefs except there is also hope, which is why this hue is ‘Living’. So, to summarise the colour’s mood in a few words, Living Coral is a sophisticated hue tinted with equal solemnity and equal buoyancy. It is for the fashion basics as well as the fashion experimenters. It exhibits the human pursuits of joy and positivity while staying grounded.

So, like every colour, this coming year’s Pantone colour has a mood too. And now that we know what it communicates, let’s get to the sartorial part of it.


Soda Pop Love Pantone Color 2019 Living Coral

We have officially transitioned into the fall/spring season of the fashion industry. Meaning? The elements that we are adopting this winter will extend onto the first few months of the next year as well. Romantic silhouettes and prints, ruffles, florals, dainty prints and fabrics have all been in the fall fashion realm and now you can incorporate the Pantone colour into these existing dress features. Long, Prairie style dresses with delicate ruffles and collars, romantic floral printed flowy dresses and other with delicate fabrics, shape and elements; all these can be adopted with a coral twist. Designers like Rejina Pyo, Fendi, Altuzarra, Etro and Michael Kors have exhibited similar delicate designs; all splashed in hues of Living Coral on the ramp for Spring 2019 collection.

Soda Pop Love Pantone Color 2019 Living Coral


Soda Pop Love Pantone Color 2019 Living Coral

Power dressing for women has reached another height altogether in the recent years. There has been an inclusion of experimental colour combinations, prints and of course patterns and styles. The traditional power suit exists today but so does its variations. From being drenched in funky colours and prints to being worn in unconventional ways, corporate ensembles have only been validating their ‘power’. The coming year, it is only wise to adopt power dressing in this amicable and poised Pantone colour. In addition to adding a dash of familiarity, a coral themed power suit is bound to bring a quirky yet strong impression on you.

Soda Pop Love Pantone Color 2019 Living Coral


Soda Pop Love Pantone Color 2019 Living Coral

Cosy, woollen sweatshirts and bomber jackets inked with this peachy tone of Living Coral will be everywhere this fall. This moderate colour isn’t exactly a fall palette member, yet it will be extensively embraced now. Thanks to its current appeal! I suggest, reel in layering pieces in this scintillating tone and beat the heat with what is soon to take over every aspect of the creative industry.  Your favourite fast-fashion brands like H&M and Zara are already selling winter collection in Pantone colour of 2019!



Soda Pop Love Pantone Color 2019 Living Coral,c_limit/Pantone19_FrontProfile.jpg

Your makeup is a part of your look too. So while we are here at incorporating this colour into our style, our beauty regime could use some help here too. Now, coral is one hue that looks fantastic on every area of your face. Deep coral shimmer eyeshadow for your evening attire, matte light coral for your casual, daytime occasion, coral blush and of course, lipsticks in shades of the same. You see? Living coral is as much of a party animal as much as it is a soft, subdued participant in your wardrobe. All the more reason to start involving the colour in your style already!

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  1. I absolutely love the colour. Not only is it feminine but in its different hues it supports both the day as well as the evening look.
    I like the different photos in the post. They give coherence to your words. Enjoyed reading it to the T. 😊

  2. Wow that is a brilliant color for the year..i love corals.. They simply brighten and are perfect for summers..they can be made to look good with all tones

  3. I loved all the photos you have provided to complement the words. Coral, to me, is such a beautiful and feminine color. The various hues, from a soft coral to a deeper one make it great wear for both the summer and winters.

  4. Living Coral – definitely the kind I would give a go. Love the vivacity of this trending color which adds so much spunk to the personality. Thanks for the share.


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