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Spa Sundays with Maruva Naturals Scrub and Mask Sundays are for Spa and Self pampering. After working hard all week, and partying even harder on Saturday, I spend Sundays resting and rejuvenating, relieving the stress of the week past and prepping for the week to come. Sundays are all about me. Sundays are...
Maruva Naturals - The African-Indian Beauty Union Spring time in New Delhi is the warm, post winter time of the year where the flowers are in bloom, the clouds stop covering the sun and everyone gears up for Holi. But with the increase in pollution, and the warming temperature increasing...
Anybody else obsessed with Innisfree? I am OBSESSED!! The Innisfree Green Tea range is truly exquisite. I haven’t come across very many skin creams that make my skin feel so fresh and hydrated. Usually, as soon as I apply any product on my face, it starts to feel sticky and heavy....

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