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Soda Pop Love Hello TUBBR
Say Hello to TUBBR! Hi Guys, Today I’m giving the Fashion articles a break and talking about my favourite new app. I was recently invited to test out a new Social Media Platform, called TUBBR. It is still in the Alpha phase of testing so its not out in the market just...
Soda Pop Love One Plus 6 Review
One Plus 6- Review and Fact Checking Four months post the launch of the clutter-breaking flagship smartphone by OnePlus; it is time to reveal the hands-on experience of the device which has been compared with some of the leading smartphones in the market. Are the fantastic features, 'meticulous' design and...
Kindle Paperwhite Soda Pop Love
“Some like to believe it's the book that chooses the person.” ———-Carlos Ruiz Zafón Calling oneself an avid reader comes with its own set of drawbacks. At times, while standing in the queues, while waiting for the doctor or visiting some boring relatives, all that is missed, is a book. The...

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