Street Style on the Go with Femme Luxe Finery


Street style on the go with Femme Luxe Finery!

It’s not an unknown fact that I am drifting towards hardcore street style fashion these days, and not even kidding! If you ask me, the most exciting part about street style is the fact that one can invent and set new trends in every outfit. As the name suggests, there are no rules or guidelines to street style. This is what I love the most about street style fashion, going crazy and limitless in your creativity while forming a look!

Not forgetting to mention the fact that dozens of looks can be made while revolving around a single piece of garment. While I was brainstorming in my head, I came across a new brand Femme Luxe Finery and knew exactly what I had to do, SHOP!

I shopped 4 items and decided to create 4 different looks with each piece of garment. I shopped a high-cut black bodysuit, a t-shirt dress, a striped off-shoulder jumpsuit and a pair of black vinyl PU pants.

Get ready to witness these crazy looks that I created with these items below:


  1. Window Shopping with style

If someone would ask you to go window shopping in this scorching heat you would rather sit at home in your pj’s than daring to go out! Keeping this mood in mind, I created this easy breezy outfit with my high-cut bodysuit, which is completely comfortable and keeps me in style while allowing me to ensure I’m not melting away in this maddening heat! If you are a little daring to bare it, I would suggest you pair your high-cut bodysuit with a pair of low-waist ribbed jeans and relive the 90’s era!



  1. Channeling my own Song of Style (if you know what I mean)

There’s no denying the fact that T-shirt dresses are my new found obsession and I guess, I can live in them for eternity! But given my New York City obsession, I had to make sure I am strutting down the fifth avenue in style, so I decided to add drama in my basic t-shirt dress, I decided to throw on this pink mesh skirt, and belt. My longing for a dramatic outfit didn’t end there. I had to have the radio bag but at the same time, not taking it over-the-board with one too many elements and distractions, I wore the transparent heels to tone down the look



  1. Houndstooth in style

As much as I love houndstooth, it is sadly underrated. If you ask me, houndstooth is very historic and a fashion statement in its own! That’s what I felt when I saw this jumpsuit, and oh! It fits me like a glove which does not happen to me very often. This is when I decided to get a little playful with this look while having a little Old-European vibe to it. In an outfit like this, it is hard to be playful because you would want to be safe and not all-over-the-place. Hence my shoes and earrings were just appropriate enough to break the monotony of the outfit yet keeping it gulp-able (did I just coin a new term?). Did you notice how the bag is a fashion statement in itself but not distracting the attention away as a separate? Well, it is all about incorporating all the elements in a look to make it a great one!



  1. Dressing down the vinyl

Is it evident that when I saw the vinyl pants my thoughts were out of control, and for obvious reasons! My inner Kardashian was leaping out of me with all the possible Kim K looks I could recreate with the pants, but guess what? I decided to dress them down and take the pants out on a regular day to the streets of Delhi. Yes, it’s true my girls, you can dress down the most unbelievable of the garments, and when in doubt, go back to basics. That’s what I did when it came to dressing down my vinyl PU pants, a graphic white tee, and a basic denim jacket, what could be more basic than that? But there’s always a chance to have fun with your outfit, and as you must know by now I’m obsessed with my new radio bag and the transparent heels, well, you can imagine the rest, haha!


So girls, are you feeling the street style yet? I’m so enthused for you all to recreate these outfits and have fun while creating your outfits!

If you loved these pieces, do check out Femme Luxe Finery for more amazing stuff!

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  1. I really loved your 1st and 3rd styled way. That low waist ribbed jeans was love ! And rightly said, street style looks can be curated with almost anything and everything!

  2. Wow, these are some lovely outfits. You have paired them so beautifully. I really liked the jumpsuit and the vinyl pants look. i cannot imagine the vinyl pants could be dressed down in such a way! You look great as always.

  3. I love all your looks but the last one is my favourite! It’s something even I can carry… I love you sense of style and fashion!


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