Smart Casuals All Day!


Smart Casuals all day!

I am sure you might have come across this term a little too much in a little while in the past, isn’t it? Well, as the name suggests, smart casuals is when you’re not dressed for office but a casual yet formal setting. Given the weather and the fashion trends, there are more than just one basic way of wearing a smart casual outfit, here I show you my take on it.

Soda Pop Love Smart casuals

This knitted crop top from Zara is as formal and party-wear as it can be! When I paired it with my trousers as shown above, it became the appropriate example of after-office party look! All you got to do is, throw on a red lip, pull your hair down add a little swag and you’re good to go! Ah!

Soda Pop Love Smart casuals

And did you notice that bag on me? I am sure you’ll be creating a major fashion moment with it, if anything! I love how it added a whole new vibe to my otherwise regular outfit! So you see how an outfit is not just about the garments, but every element all together. It’s like easy mathematics, you add and subtract elements and create new looks head to toe! Easy-peasy

Outfit Details:

Crop top & Bag: Zara

Trousers: H&M

Shoes: ASOS

Soda Pop Love Smart casuals

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