Tie Dye and Big Bags


Tie Dye and Big Bags!


Make a runway out of your regular beach day!


I am sure you must be extremely intrigued with the title here, and there’s no doubt in that either. Why do your beach outfits have to be boring when you can play around with it and add glamour to it?


Looking at this tie-and-dye dress, it took my back to my school days when tie-and-dye used to be everywhere in sight and guess tie-and-dye is making a comeback and, why not? This dress had a very smooth silhouette and a sexy back to make it just perfect beach day dress. And I didn’t stop just there, now a girl can follow latest trends, isn’t it? The Fashion Trends of 2019 includes huge bags, and what could have been better for my look than this huge jute bag? it’s as if everything came together and fell into the appropriate place in making this look and I couldn’t be happier.


Since the tie-and-dye is always very basic, a little bold red lip and this huge bag added a major character in my outfit. But, it might not be aesthetically pleasing if the proportions aren’t kept in mind, it’s always about balancing an outfit, and voila!

See you soon next time girls!


Have fun playing around with your outfits

Outfit Details

Dress and Bag: Zara

Shoes: Vanilla Moon

Sunglasses: Lulu & Sky

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  1. I fell in love with Bandhej or Tie and Dye Dupattas ever since Jacky Shroff started using them as a fashion statement. This dress is sexy, ethnc chic and wearable – Thumbs up !


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