Street Style with Sheer


When someone mentions about street style what is it that you imagine? Unlike popular beliefs, street style is not just styling street wear garments, rather, anything that makes the roads look like a runway show is capable enough to be a street style look!


Amidst all the international fashion week drama, I found myself in desperate need to create a street style look myself and hence, here is my take on it! Yet again, portraying a power woman of style, I decided to wear my sheer dress with a black blazer. The way the black blazer has added silhouette to my entire outfit has me by surprise.


Not forgetting to mention how effortlessly the sheer fabric makes this outfit look like straight out of Paris Fashion Week runway or streets of Milan! You can recreate this look yourself any day with not more than a sheer dress, a blazer and some serious attitude. To add a little glamour to my look, I decided to throw in the tiny beaded bag which has just enough sparkle to not make me look too much for the streets! In other words, this look is perfect amount of sass, class and glamour any day, anytime and any event! Would you dare to try this look on your own, I suggest that you do!


Keep strutting on the streets and it your own runway!

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  1. I am in love with your outfit..specially the way you have clubbed it with a blazer..walking with confidence is the most important part which makes road feel like a runway


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