AW19 London Fashion Week


A five day fashion affair with a high-powered exhibition of high-end couture—London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2019 marked most of February. As some prominent and some fresh names showcased their couture on the ramp from the 15th of February to the 19th, the world watched the rendering with awe in their eyes. The show didn’t start with a bang, but it adhered to its raw and dynamic nature of building up the enigma gracefully with every passing hour. From lace and satins merged into one ensemble and powder blues and florals to plaid trench coats and big tulle dresses, the fashion week was essentially a melange of some conventional and some edgy with a pop of funk thrown in. Here are looks from the London Fashion Week A/W that I personally adored.


Soda Pop Love AW19 London Fashion week

Exaggerated pink tulle fluffs donned by a straight A model walked down the ramp for Molly Goddard, and relief struck everyone, for that is what the designer is all about—Large tulle frills and a bubble-gum palette. To say the least, this look was everyone’s most preferred look from the fashion week.


Soda Pop Love AW19 London Fashion week

With overlapping of one trend over another in an absolutely appealing approach in most of the runway couture, this edgy version of the regular trench coat was not as surprising, yet it did take us all by surprise. I mean, exaggerated bell sleeves and giant lapels printed with the classic houndstooth? Who would have thought such opposite elements to unite modishly in a trench coat?!


Soda Pop Love AW19 London Fashion week

Vibrant satins adorned the models’ bodies with celestial prints and lace trimmings on the ramp. Christopher Kane knew exactly how to deliver masterpieces by joining powerful fabrics like this one with lace, knits, and other elements.


Soda Pop Love AW19 London Fashion week

An existing savant in the disco-inspired vertical of fashion, Michael Halpern’s signature sequin flared bottoms and mini dresses took some experiment twists this time around. We saw a lot of party-loud hued simple yet structured silhouettes that shimmered proudly through the show.


Soda Pop Love AW19 London Fashion week

Whether it was lace that made most of an outfit or lace that peeked from inside of a satin hem, to say that black lace was clearly the winner here for Erdem would be an understatement. His collection seemed very Victorian with the romantic element of lace infused with fabrics like chiffon, florals, and high collars.


Soda Pop Love AW19 London Fashion week

Crisp tailored blazers brought a corporate touch to an otherwise transitional ensemble of shimmer worn with casually styled trousers here. Establishing AM to PM further into the fashion convention, Roland Mouret’s over-sized glamour formals are already in my wish-list!

It is a tricky business to narrow down to favourites from an array of such prolific designers with their magnificent creations. However, I did manage to present a few features and looks by designers that had successfully taken over my fashion sensibilities since the show. What are the looks you loved?

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