5 Must Have Belts in your Wardrobe


Essentially invented for functional perks, belts gradually came to be an important fashion accessory. Today, more than simply being an accessory that gives your denim jeans a desired fit, it’s also an add-on that readily brings style to an outfit. Now, there are belts that do what they were ideally made to do, that is tighten the waist up. Then, there are ones that are worn to give your body the illusion of a particular shape. There are belts that steal the show and pose as the statement element of your entire outfit and then there are those which are simply for the sake of accessorizing, with barely any functional duties.

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Now there are must-haves in every aspect of fashion. We have basic, everyday must-haves, denim must-haves, shirt essentials, makeup essentials and more. Having a list of must have belts comes in this category with a natural stance. On cue, here are the five belts that are more or less crucial to your closet. From cinching belts to show belts, this list has it all attached with its perks, pragmatic styling tips and more.


Soda Pop Love 5 Must Have Belts


The most basic belt ever made, the leather black belt buckled belt is as important to every wardrobe as is butter to bread. No closet is complete without one. This belt could be called as the functional one. It does what it ideally is supposed to do and does so with a vintage panache. There is the 80’s charm and a contemporary revival. The fact that it fits with more or less every pairing, every dress and almost over occasion simply adds to its appeal. The classic belt’s versatility makes it a go-to option for everyone.


Soda Pop Love 5 Must Have Belts


If you’re the kind to strike an impression with subtlety then you would want to go for these slim, skinny belts. With the same level of utility as the classic belt, these are just less prominent and dainty. Having a modish impact, the skinny belt looks great on the waist while also going well with a bodycon dress.


Soda Pop Love 5 Must Have Belts


When the ordinary belting style starts to seem trite to you, go for an edgy alternative instead with the tied belt. Apt for a well-defined cinched look; wrap the belt around the waist properly to give the right structure. The tied belt looks stunning when worn on high waist on a gown, a dress or a blazer.


Soda Pop Love 5 Must Have Belts



Titled rightfully as a fashion saviour, wide belts tend to come to the rescue in times of fashion crisis. With their expert ability to give a definite shape to an otherwise shapeless outfit, wide belts go magically well with over-sized clothes and as accessories. They complement loose silhouettes very well, giving them the desired shape and are also great for adding that extra appeal to an ordinary look. Reel one of these in neutral tints to make them favourable for every colour, look and occasion.


Soda Pop Love 5 Must Have Belts


Need a quick, easy add-on to up your style game? Well, the metallic belt can do so wonderfully! A reflection of the 80’s fashion, the metallic belt has statement written all over it.  The trick is to wear it with fashion pieces that balance out its drama and bring out its glamour the right way, both depending on the occasion. A gold metallic belt would simply enhance the look of a dark hued dress furthermore and raise the style quotient of a plain dress effortlessly.

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I call these mentioned belts as essentials because of the evergreen and versatile nature of them. While some accompany you on a regular day to work or college, some fit smoothly with your transitional dresses. Some belts make fashion dilemmas manageable and others simply cinch your waist to perfection!

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  1. I really feel that skinny belt is always required….but still need to have that metallic belt… perfectly written!!!

  2. I feel that you would have been a full-time model and the photographers favorite had you taken it up. You do it with such ease. Beautiful post.. 🙂



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