How to Style a Kimono Dress


How to style a Kimono Dress?

Welcome back you guys, is it just me or is everyone a little bored of all the winter OOTD’s on their instagram feed? Well, I surely am hence I decided to add a little color and a gist of summer to mine because, why not? As interesting as it sounds, it turned out to be more challenging than we could have imagined it to be. I decided to shoot this Kimono dress from Zara, which was too pretty to leave and for best results I bought it a size down.

Since it was a Kimono Dress, I thought it better to shoot it at a similar setting and so we found ourselves at this Korean restaurant in the middle of this chaotic city! And guess what, it felt like at home with my kimono dress on and the Korean seating and warm lighting. Since the dress was major focus of attention, I decided it best to keep the jewelry and hair minimal but to go funky with the handbag and the footwear.

Even though the fabric was a little too all over the place, yet its fall on my body shape was unbelievably flawless. Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself in the pictures below. Another important detail to note is balanced straight silhouette and proportionate length of the dress. Trust me when I say this, this dress is an obsession you never knew you had.


Well hello guys, I am not done yet, I just said I’d add a gist of summer to my feed but we are yet to go back to winters and so, I styled this a second way, fit for fall/winters! One reason why this dress wasn’t the best idea was the fact that it’s slit was awkwardly placed and had no way to secure it from opening too much to expose my insides. This is when I thought to let it expose and add my cycling shorts inside and a plaid coat outside!


As you can see in the images, the delicacy of the dress is well balanced by the plaid coat and the shorts. But don’t forget to notice my touch of street style in this outfit, the dad sneakers. What’s better than comfiest pair of sneakers on a cold winter day to go with your fancy dress? Let us just say, absolutely NOTHING! So go and get your dresses out for a date, already and have fun recreating these looks like a total BAWSE!

Outfit Details:

Kimono Dress: Zara

Shoes: SheIn

Red Bag: Thrifted

Plaid Coat: SheIn (code :401148 or you can click here to shop)

Sneakers : Jeffrey Campbell

Belt Bag: thrifted

Also, if you’re looking to shop at use my code   BF18767 (20% OFF, NO LIMITATION) It is valid till 23rd December!

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Until next time,

Sayonara ladies


  1. As much as I adore the elegance of your first outfit, I am a bit confused with the second one. Is it the shoes that make it look a bit different?
    Well, being a food enthusiast, I gotta ask you this. Which is that Korean restaurant though? 😀

  2. I absolutely loved the first look. It’s minimal yet classy. Also, the form and fall of this dress looks great on you. The cut of Kimono dresses is perfect for plus size too. It’s quite camouflaging.


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