World Trend Report: Scarf Print


World trend Report: Scarf Print Dress/Shirt/Skirt

After a summer of subtle prints and soft hues, the forthcoming fall months is finally when the earthy essence of fashion will transition into a full-fledged, drastic makeover. Fall 2018 suggests a massive hike from the summer style. This fall is going to be all about funky elements and wild prints.

Traditional scarves for women that have been staple to every female wardrobe are now going to be adopted in a new way altogether.  Scarf printed dresses, shirts and skirts are soon going to seen on the streets with an active zest. Now that we know what trend is about to rule this fall, let’s get down to the basics of it; the complete guide to styling the trend. Keep reading to unravel the how-tos, what tos and more of the coming season’s scarf print trend.

Scarf Print Dress

Soda Pop Love Scarf Print Trend

Pulling off a statement print like this one can get strenuous. After all, it’s a tricky print, it’s trending and it’s bold. If you’re inclined towards the head to toe look then the safest and quite glamourous option would be a maxi dress. It is simple, stunning and superiorly stylish! When it comes to accessorizing the same, the fashion rule of ‘less is more’ should be followed. Go for neutral pieces that balance out the drama of the scarf print and strike a moderate impression. A simple sling bag or the standard hoop earrings would do wonders. A music festival, a celebratory party or just a brunch; a scarf printed dress is a sole winner.
Scarf Print Shirt

Soda Pop Love Scarf Print Trend

If minimalism is your style then a scarf printed shirt would be an ideal option to be able to celebrate the trend. Silk digital printed shirts paired with your same old jeans would appear to be a standard fashion pairing except with a little more of panache. Thanks to the upscale nature of the scarf print. The key is to pair the shirt with a piece that is simply an accompaniment and not an equivalent to the scarf print. This is for people who wish to ease their way into the trend but at the same time want to stay low. Apt for business meetings, work or a casual dinner plan, the shirt has that versatility in its print to slip from AM events to PM occasions.

Scarf Print Skirt

Soda Pop Love Scarf Print Trend 1

There are people who head into a trend with utmost enthusiasm and the ones who steer clear. Then, there are those who may have that zest to adopt it but may lack the confidence. If you’re someone who wants to embrace the scarf print trend in all its glory while also staying within your comfort zone then this is for you. A neutral shirt or a plain top paired with a scarf printed calf length skirt would have the same impact as the dress considering it is a subtle substitute to the dress. Any occasion that calls for a party of sorts or simply a get-together is great for a scarf printed skirt. Moreover, these would go perfectly well for a daytime outing and events that blend the line between casual and fancy.

What is a trend without a neat amalgamation with other trends? Well, when it comes to this one, iconic trends can be very well incorporated into certain silhouettes. A wrap dress etched with the scarf print, for instance. A scarf printed shirt with bell sleeves or cinched belted waist or an asymmetrical scarf printed calf length skirt. Nevertheless, this print is a much needed refreshment for the coming fashion scenario. We will see some daring and dramatic styles on the streets this fall, thanks to the Elizabethan influence on the ramps earlier this year!

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