Layering for Fall with Forever 21 Dress


Soda Pop Love Layering for Fall Forever 21 dressForever 21 dress

Hello from the other side, welcome back to my blog you guys!

I’m hoping you are enjoying the weather because frankly I am not. Who else is feeling the chills of 5 degrees as soon as the temperature drops down to 20? If you are someone like me, then you definitely need to know how to style your pretty dresses in this weather! And for that, I decided to take out my low-cut V-neck forever 21 dress and style it so its winter-ready!

Just when I was about to give up on how to layer it from above, it dawned on me that I should rather layer under it and that is when I added the turtleneck and it was a love at first sight. Therefore, the only rule to winters is layering and how you can be different with it is by experimenting the layering under your garment exactly how I did it! And don’t forget to add just a gist of accessories, like my strings of pearls and Vinyl bag, and you’re good to go.  Take to the streets and be winter-proof at the same time! So say yes to layering this winter and not the regular way, because I am going to be around to inspire you with more of layering this winter!

Until next time,

Stay warm and hibernate!

Soda Pop Love Layering for Fall Forever 21 dress

Outfit Details

Dress: Forever 21

Turtle Neck: H&M

Shoes: Venus Steps

Bag: Zara

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Soda Pop Love Layering for Fall Forever 21 dress


  1. The style is looking very smart..and also layering up would not be a concern in winters…would try something like this for myself

  2. Wow! You look absolutely chic! And can see the ease and comfort with which you are flaunting these nicely teamed clothes and accessories! Too good… Forever 21 has always been one of my favorites! I love their style, their patterns, the texture and the bold colors for sure!!

  3. What I like about you when it comes to outfits is that you carry them all so well. Likewise you manage to put your feelings to words on a post and that is a rare quality. Loved this post.



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