Say Hello to TUBBR


Say Hello to TUBBR!

Hi Guys,

Today I’m giving the Fashion articles a break and talking about my favourite new app.

I was recently invited to test out a new Social Media Platform, called TUBBR. It is still in the Alpha phase of testing so its not out in the market just yet, but having tried it out, I’m really excited about how it will get better!


I have been using TUBBR for about a month now and it took a little bit of learning but I have come to enjoy it! TUBBR allows you to set up different walls/timelines based on Topics or interests. You can choose the wall to be Public or Private. If it’s a private wall, you can add people or have them request you for access. If it’s a Public wall, people can subscribe to it directly and follow along as you keep posting.

My followers are now able to follow my content according to their own interests. Fashion enthusiasts can follow my Lookbook wall whereas travel junkies can follow my walls according to the places I have visited. I have also created walls to serve as a mood board where I save all my daily fashion inspirations!

My audience mainly enjoys my content on Fashion. And so, I created a Timeline called Lookbook where I am showcasing all my outfits. This is a Public wall and you can access all the images along with the info about each outfit. I also have the option of adding a Link so if you want to shop my Look, a click on the button will take you to the exact page where you can make your purchase.

Soda Pop Love Hello TUBBR

The Private walls feature is just as amazing! I can create exclusive communities for my followers which will give them access to the latest fashion news and special discounts, which I will share with them.

I have also created a private wall for my team, which serves as a framework for the content we will post on over the next month. We add the photos, and my teams adds their comments according to the work progress.

It also means that I don’t need to create a separate account for friends and family. It can all be on one account! On other platforms, I have a separate private profile which I share only with my closest people to share private moments.

TUBBR is a fun platform that helps you categorise posts according to your interest. It reduces clutter on your Feed, as one can create different Timelines/Walls. This also means that you are not required to follow any one niche! You can explore and showcase all your interests by creating different Timelines without confusing your audience!

The biggest advantage of TUBBR which I have found has got to be the creation of different timelines/walls and the option to keep it Private or Public. This gives me so much control over what my audience gets to see, and I am able to plan my content on the same platform, with my entire team on-board!


Soda Pop Love Hello TUBBR

Intrigued by what TUBBR has to offer? Excited to be a part of a new and upcoming Social Media platform? Well, there’s good news!

TUBBR is allowing 100 exclusive entries onto their platform! Know that the platform is still in its Development Stages, so the 100 people who are allowed in will have an actual say in how the App is developed! Your Feedback and Suggestions will be taken into account and developed according to the user.
Early user advantages are always there with the start of any platform, so I invite and encourage you to come on-board! Use my code YRIX95 at the time of sign up to be allowed access.


Do check out TUBBR, currently available on Google Play and Apple iTunes. And hope you have a Bright and Beautiful Week!

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