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Bali Shopping Guide | Buy Your Heart Out In Bali


As a blogger, shopping is in our genes. I look up on the internet most of the times, looking for outfit inspiration and the resources are impeccable. I recently thought of compililng a virtual shopping destinations that will help you shop at your fave vacay destination.

Soda Pop Love What to Shop in Bali

Since I was there recently, my destination for today’s post had to be Bali because of its serenity and without a doubt, all the shopping places you must check out. This island is filled with items ranging from clothes to foods to jewellery, extending to an array of collection just for you.


Driven by the cultural and traditional aspect, this place grants all the shopping pleasure. From Ubud market to Mal Bali Galleria, here are some places and things to shop in Bali.


  1. Designer fabrics

Like I mentioned that fashion will always be my priority, I found this most amazing place where in you can get designer wear. For people who fancy luxury brands, you can opt for fabrics ranging from Gucci to Bvlgari brand. Not just that, even basic trends like super linen fabrics, animal print, floral print, beach inspired prints etc. are accessible at the Bali Shopping mall. You cannot dare to miss out on this one!


Where: Own all such prints and styles from Seminyak. If you are a lover of designer brands, this one will suit your taste the best.

Soda Pop Love What to Shop in Bali

  1. Kopi Luwak Coffee and chocolates

All the coffee and chocolate lovers, UNITE because Bali is known for eateries and beverages too. Ranging from organic chocolates to dark ones, going to Bali and piling up all the mouth melting chocolates should be in your checklist. Don’t forget to take a trip to Ubud Teba Sari Plantation to buy the best of coffee beans and also other local herbs.


Where: This is located in the north east side of Bali, where you can definitely shop for Kopi Luwak. Kopi Luwak is right in budget when you shop from Bali as the online prices are comparatively higher.

Soda Pop Love What to Shop in Bali

  1. Handmade products

Bali is known as the land of artisans and the commendable talent lies on this island. Bring all the limelight to the walls of your house by visiting Sukawati market that lets you reminisce the good old days. From age old furniture to handmade items to beautiful paintings at throwaway prices, these handicrafts will be make your house look like a home. If you are truly an art lover and an admirer, this one is surely the place to be.

You can also locate the distinctive market situated here that are known for authentic Balinese items.


Where: Not just Sukawati, you can also check out Ubud market, Souq or Mercredi stores.

Soda Pop Love What to Shop in Bali

  1. Celuk village

If you find your heart in silver and gold jewellery, this place will boast your elegant side even more. Welcome to Celuk village that guarantees you will find jewellery of your dreams. Known for the intricate designs, this place situated in the Bali’s major centre point, enjoy the bliss served by these shops. The villagers own the skill sets executed in various patterns of gold and silver jewellery. Visit this place during the day time and witness the art that has all the eye-arresting powers.

Where: This place is located in Jalan Raya Celuk.

Soda Pop Love What to Shop in Bali

  1. Monkey Forest Road

Do you love flea markets? If the answer to this question is a yes, then the Monkey Forest Road is a place you should visit. There are rows of shops and outlets from where you will definitely begin your shopping day. Besides that, the place is also known for assorted handicraft items, antiques and textiles inspired by the Balinese culture as well as traditions. You can also find styles ranging from children’s wear to women’s wear along with other international brands.


Where: This place can be found on the southside of Ubud Centre in the Padangtegal Village.

Soda Pop Love What to Shop in Bali


If you’re travelling to Bali soon, I’m sure this guide will serve you well in your shopping endeavours. Take a look at what all I wore in Bali here , and if you need help packing for your Tropical vacation, take a look here and here.

Been to Bali? Share your shopping experience below!


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