What To Pack For A Tropical Vacay


Pack Your Bag For A Tropical Getaway 

Jetting off for a tropical vacay? Serving you with another dose of cool and sassy, Soda pop Love is here with an idea to let your vacay wardrobe look fancier. Stuffing your bag with unnecessary things while on a vacay is a usual tendency but what if we told you there’s a way you can look stylish and not overpack too? Well, after all the scouring and personally experiencing such a blissful trip, here are some personal travel companions that go in my bag. A relaxing getaway awaits!


  1. A perfect swimsuit

TBH, overpacking is easy but set the temptation aside while you are about to bag certain styles. If you have the right swimsuit which will blend with all your outfits then ideally you need only ONE to go with your tropical charm. Keep the palette simple. Stick to swimsuits that come in colours like navy blue or white with contrast elements like lacy fabric or print. You can go for bikini sets too that come in bright hues or tropical print to suit the surroundings. This will yearn you excellent results. Don’t forget your poolside slippers and kimono to go along!

  1. The eye candy

I might be stating the obvious here but choosing the right pair of sunglasses is wise. Since they are not such a big deal, you might miss out on adding them. They offer versatile style  while you are at the beach and the best part is you can carry a couple of them. Opt for either cat-eye sunglasses or reflectors as they are the best choices for tropical vacations. Must-have and pack!

  1. Basket bags

With a variety of range, now available in India as well, basket bags are the way to add a tropical punch. For a chic yet classy look, opt for basket bags so you can stow all your essentials while you are at the beach. Steer clear of the stereotypical bags and try out the ones with pom poms and rounded design. They are the sophisticated kind that are winning the fashion world right now. Pile on the current statement makers!

  1. Hat

Enjoy that poolside drink now that you are on a tropical holiday by saying yes to a big hat. The most understated trend also needs all the attention so it can be tried out at different vacay destinations. Not just for comfort, but also to save yourself from the harsh sun. Opt for cute-but-practical hats that you will be able to coordinate with your vacay outfits.

  1. Cover-ups

Being lightweight, cover ups can be packed in oodles. You can change the trend based on the occasions. From a coffee session to bar night, cover ups come in versatile colours and print that are loaded with a perfect tinge. This will help you get all the sun you need!

  1. Ideal outfits

Your capsule needs to look like you came for a vacay so the suitable trends would be shorts, jumpsuit, printed pants or a romper. Anything from this slot will occupy less space in your bag and are just the right way to mix and match so you can have an insta-worthy outfit to show off.

Soda Pop Love What To Pack For a Tropical vacay

So these were my tips on how to pack and travel light! As you know, I was Recently in Bali. Check out what I wore here ! Have any more helpful tips for packing for a vacation? Mention it in the Comments below!



  1. Most of us curse ourselves at least once on a vacation when we realize that we carried a tad too much than neeed. This is such a cool post helpful to all 🙂


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