OnePlus 6: An iPhone Clone or A Real Flagship Smartphone


One Plus 6- Review and Fact Checking

Soda Pop Love One Plus 6 Review

Four months post the launch of the clutter-breaking flagship smartphone by OnePlus; it is time to reveal the hands-on experience of the device which has been compared with some of the leading smartphones in the market. Are the fantastic features, ‘meticulous’ design and the ‘redefined’ speed enough to make it one of the best buys of 2018 or do you have to wait for the OnePlus 6T to come with some better updates?

Are you ready for some facts to be finally talked about? Let’s get started.


What Packs inside the Mirror Glass back, Notched 6.3 Display smart device?

Soda Pop Love One Plus 6 Review

Mirror Black Back + Fingerprint Unlock

An Astounding Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

Qualcomm SD 845 is the best in class chipset with unbeatable power, optimization and speed. It possesses Virtually All-Day Battery Life, Quick Charging and the 3rd Generation Qualcomm Hexagon™ 685 DSP support. This processor is the ‘God’ of the chipset market and makes OnePlus a “Premium Smart Device.”

Soda Pop Love Rating: 5/5


Smart Imaging

The 16MP + 20MP camera nails every picture. How? OnePlus 6 amalgamates optical image stabilization with an amazing resolution to deliver unparalleled photography. But is it eligible to battle with iPhone X or Pixel 2? No really! The picture quality is excellent for a Rs. 35,000 flagship mobile but not breath-taking.

Soda Pop Love Rating: 3.5/5 (0.5 extra marks for quality imaging with no excessive beauty filters)


Clutter-Breaking Display and Looks

With the OnePlus 6, the company jumps into the most wanted screen style ‘the notch display.’ Also, OnePlus has transitioned to Gorilla Glass 5 all around with the OnePlus 6. The ‘mirror’ look is an absolute stunner in the times of loud plastic phone bodies. It is classy, jazzy and comes with all the drama that you require on the back of your phone.

Soda Pop Love Rating: 4.5/5


Security Strides

The facial unlock is apt and effective unlike the one in the flagship Oppo F9 Pro which unlocks even when your eyes are closed. It is funny to imagine you can unlock your phone while you are sleeping (or someone else can do it. Shhh! Security is a myth). However, the fingerprint lock at the back of the phone is inadequate. The OnePlus 5 fingerprint lock was much better due to the ease that it had to offer.

Soda Pop Love Rating: 4/5


Google There?

One of the biggest challenges with OnePlus’s system is that it doesn’t give your Google Assistant a home.  This is because of not having a key for the long press. Of course, you can still start it “OK Google,” but that won’t be of any help if you want to remain silent and use the keyboard to search and browse. This is a perfect example of  “too much innovation.” However, there is a hope of this problem being sorted in the upcoming updates.

Soda Pop Love Rating: 3/5


What More does the Phone Offer?

The performance and display are the best, and the battery life, even though has reduced regarding longevity, remains the quickest in the league. The gaming mode and the side slider are cool. The software and gestures are thoughtful, and although the camera is not in competition with Pixel 2’s camera, it is more than sufficient given the price.


What is the Phone lacking?

There are basic functionalities that are found to be missing in the OnePlus flagship. For example, the wireless charging remains a far-off dream for its users. Also, there is a significant disconnect when it comes to water resistance; the phone is not exactly resistant to water.



Four months of using this ‘one of the best smartphones’ in the market, it can be said that OnePlus has outdone itself again. The promise of getting something better every time is still in place. Though the smartphone still has a long way to fight with the leading flagships, it is still the ‘Hulk’ of the smart devices at an outstanding price range of 35K.


Soda Pop Love Verdict: 4/5

Go; buy your OnePlus 6 now! It is Soda Pop Love approved.

Picture Quality: Back Camera

Soda Pop Love One Plus 6 Review

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