Bali Look Book

Is it just me or is everyone overwhelmed by looking at literally everyone posting their vacation pictures from Bali? Well ladies, I feel you hence, I only thought it fair to pay a visit to the hottest and most travelled cities (and possibly the most Instagrammed place) in the world! Yes Ladies, it’s time to envy me because I had the most beautiful 10 days at Bali, and I can’t seem to come out of the hangover! Trust me you one wouldn’t ever want to get out of the Bali-state-of-mind! I cannot even begin to tell you how magnificent Bali is. Unlike what some people think about Bali being overrated; it is worth every minute and buck you spend there! It is true that the beaches of Bali are fantastic, but you know what’s better? The local markets and the city. I can still see their gritty streets and the flea markets. And Ladies, the fashion game, especially at the resorts is next level!

But not to be outdone (after all, I’m a fashionista first and then a globe trotter), you can only imagine that I had an absolute blast with my outfits there. I had to step it up and why not? Bali, being how and what it is, is the perfect place to experiment a little. Add some quirk to your outfits and have fun around your looks! I did all this and kept a chic vibe, and managed to give my looks an oomph , unlike the same old tropical looks.

Consider this my gift to you, my beautiful ladies- anyone planning a trip, bachelorette or honeymoon to Bali- Refer to this Look book!

I am sure this look book will inspire all of you out there who are praying for Beach Bodies. I feel you cuz I am one of you, and believe me, you are never going to be ready until you ‘feel’ ready. The only way to know that you are ready is when you don’t care about what ‘perfection’ defines! Perfection is YOU. Today. Right now.

Not wanting to hold you any longer, continue reading and discover the look book below with 5 looks which includes beachwear and city outfits!

  1. Outfit 1

Soda Pop Love Bali LookBook


  1. Outfit 2 

Soda Pop Love Bali LookBook

  1. Outfit 3

Soda Pop Love Bali LookBook


  1. Outfit 4

Soda Pop Love Bali LookBook


  1. Outfit 4

Soda Pop Love Bali LookBook


Aren’t these looks just amazing? I’m still obsessed with them, trust me! What would a vacation be without bomb outfits now? So what are you waiting for, recreate these looks and have fun! Don’t forget to share your pictures of recreating my looks in Bali, and oh! Don’t forget to purchase the most amazing straw bags from the markets of Bali, thank me later!

Need more inspiration for a Beach vacation? Check out this post of my Andamans looks!

Until next time..

Yours Truly,

Shraddha xx


  1. I am so confused while seeing this post…..I mean which should I admire first? The beautiful lady in Bali, Bali itself as a place or this beautifully written post?



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