Redefining Smart Casuals


Welcome back my all my lovely readers; I am sure y’all might have been hooked on to my Instagram, lately because honestly I am and for obvious reasons! It is the Smart Casual series which is giving me major goals this season. For as long as I can remember smart casual styling has been only seemingly impossible in India and out of our league, isn’t it? But trust me when I say this, dressing up smart yet looking casual is just as easy and effortless as slipping into your favorite pj’s for a movie night with your best friends. Just work around a few principles, and trust me girl, you are good to go! You are not very far away from creating your very own Hollywood worthy, blogger-like smart casual looks.

We created the below given 5 smart casual looks keeping in mind our Indian culture, weather, and accessibility for you to recreate these looks and pull them off like a pro! Remember that the key to nailing a smart casual look is to maintain the balance between both. All the 5 looks range for different occasions to moods throughout your week. Let’s get into our looks, already and get enlightened about each one!

  1. Sling bag and Paper-bag pants

The first look that you see here has a balance of both, smart silhouettes and casual vibe. The paper-bag pants (@Zara) are usually high-waisted, and these for one, are very comfortable as one can see. You can wear this to work on a lazy Monday morning or for a low-key brunch date. In either case, this look is very laid-back yet smart!

Paper bag pants- @Zara (Shop it here  )

  1. Leather it up

The best way to dress up a basic shirt when speaking of a smart casual look is to add leather pants. Trust me when I say this, your ultimate look will be Friday-night worthy and yet so effortless! This outfit is so elegant and happening to look at that it has me crying! As mentioned above, you can wear this outfit to an after-office party by adding pumps and a messy bun, thank me later, you guys!

Leather pants- @Zara (shop it here )

  1. A classic white shirt and denim jeans

Whoever said ‘a classic outfit is worth a thousand trends!’ was absolutely bang on, am I right? Well, this is what inspired us for our next outfit, that is, a classic white shirt with a pair of comfortable mom jeans! But, if I didn’t add a touch of my style to it, would it really be my style, at all? To add an edgy gist to my over all outfit, I added a hot pink coat to make it playful. This is an absolute steal outfit fit for your important business meetings or a casual work lunch, only it is recommended to wear a subtle-colored coat/jacket.

White Shirt : Nasty Small Room

  1. Smartness of an Indo-Western attire

Never underestimate the power of dressing up in fusion, not only can you play around with the balance but you can make a ton of smart casual looks! Yes ladies, you read that absolutely right! This is what we had in mind when creating the following look. Taking in consideration the fact that it shouldn’t be very ethnic but vibe with our overall lookbook. You can wear this look for one of those office days when it is festive and you want to vibe along with the same. I am sure you are going to end up being the fashionista of your workplace and all the women taking inspiration from you!

Asymmetric Dress- @Nasty Small Room

  1. Go All-White

Coming on to our last, but not the least, outfit for the day is all-white, very powerful attire. But mind you ladies, as appealing as it looks pulling off an all-white outfit is rather a challenge! White, for one, could make you look bigger than you are but with appropriate balancing around the outfit such as wearing straight legged pants, and always remember to tuck in your shirt you can gloss over the problem areas! Following these tiny tips you can pull-off any all-white look you desire!

Pants & Bag- @ Zara  (Shop it here )


I’m hoping you guys recreate my looks from above! Well, in case you do that, do  remember to tag me on any of the social medias. See you soon my lovely ladies, have a good night’s sleep because nothing’s more coveted than good skin, right girls? See you soon xx


  1. Wuhu you nailed all looks so perfectly…my all time fav is white shirt and jeans … seriously it give comfort and style


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