Andaman Islands to Start your Bucket List right


“The tans fade but the memories last forever.”

The first thing that strikes our mind when we hear Bucket List is – Adventure. Be it hot air balloon rides, deep sea diving, bungee jumping, scuba diving, rock climbing or hiking. A bucket list is a set of dreams that we want to fulfil, a set of goals we want to achieve before we bid adieu. The thing about Bucket lists is that once it’s done, you don’t strike it off, you replace it with something else. When wanderlust took over me, I penned down my list and visiting the Andaman Islands was a chance to replace the first bullet on my list.

Soda Pop Love Andaman Islands

To travel is to take a journey into yourself and going to the Andaman islands made me explore the depths of my mind as well as the ocean. The might of nature overpowers you; there is a feeling of peace, a sense of relief. The promise of underwater exploration is exciting. Everything is enthralling, the beaches beckon travellers with promises of emerald waters, brilliant picturesque nature and also the thrill of water sport activities.

Through the eyes of the observer!!!

If you’re visiting the Andamans then you should be prepared for a trip filled with innumerable flavours of culture, art galleries, coastal towns, breathtakingly beautiful coastlines, heart-pounding adventure sports & mesmerizing sunsets. It is a perfect get-away from your hectic schedule, a chance to simply chill out in the sun-toasted beaches.

Soda Pop Love Andaman islands

Sights you can’t afford to miss:

  1. Cellular Jail National Memorial, Port Blair.
  2. Butler Bay, Little Andaman.
  3. Radhanagar, Havelock Island.
  4. Ross Island
  5. Lalaji Bay, Long Island.
  6. Beach 5, Havelock Island.

“Veni, Vidi, Vici”

Salt air, cool breeze and adventure in my soul. Witness the contrast of colours on Havelock Island where white sandy beaches, transparent sea water and prolific green forests will surely touch your heart. After a ferry from Port Blair and a long drive, you’ll end up in the paradise of the Andamans. It’s also known as the Backpacker’s Heaven, as it serves you with a wide variety of adventures ranging from snorkelling to scuba diving to parasailing to fishing and elephant rides on the beach.

Soda Pop Love Andaman Islands

Radhanagr Beach or Beach No. 7 is jaw-dropping. Adding to its name, it is awarded as The Best Beach in India and World’s 7th Most Beautiful Beach by Time Magazine. You better take your DSLR friend or your Instagram husband along with you because this place is filled with colours crystal blue water, white sand and surrounded by lush greenery, which you wouldn’t want to miss capturing.  The island has more than 60 snorkelling/diving sites!


To put it simply, snorkelling is swimming through water while equipped with a mask having a breathing tube, known as a snorkel. North Bay Island-Port Blair, Elephant Beach- Havelock Island, Red Skin Island- Port Blair, etc. are the best places to experience this and other underwater activities.

At the Andamans, I got a chance to try out Snorkelling as well as Scuba Diving. It was a dream come true experience. That gorgeous blue of the ocean that I love so much- I was deep in it! Such an adrenaline rush to be so close to these amazing creatures of the sea. So much excitement and yet you can’t get carried away. Keep your head about, and everything will go smoothly.

It’s exciting to be so close to the underwater beings, admiring the flawless creativity of the Almighty. It can be a little overwhelming but the instructors are right by your side, to take care of any mishaps. The experiences left me pining for more!

Soda Pop Love Andaman Islands


Even though, I’ve struck off Snorkelling and scuba diving, I’m hungering for more of it. I’m saving up to buy my own snorkel for the next time I’m near the ocean. And I’m also planning to get a diving license. Eventually.

Like I said, one life is too short to cover the world and its experiences. When one item is struck off the Bucket List, another is added!


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  1. Lovely post. The great Andamans Coral reefs, were one of the biggest eye catchers. And also the wild forest , tribals and marine creatures attracted me the most.


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