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Monsoons- a time for Uncertain rain, Sleepy weather and lots of coziness. But along with this comes the challenge of messy hair! When it comes to styling your hair, there are days when you are clueless and want to have absolutely nothing to do with your hair. So, let’s get you girls all laidback, here I have easy hair styling options you would need to give your hair the chic look and cut out all perplexity- whether its work, or just some casual shopping errands!

5 windy and rainy-day hairstyles that are simply perfect.

  • Sleek back ponytail

One of the most low-key looks to try. Brush your hair the way you generally do . Gather them, draw backwards and secure them up with an elastic. To conceal the elastic (if needed), draw a thin section of hair and curl it up around the elastic. Avoid using a hairbrush while fastening your hair as it may disturb your volume. This style will give you a composed look and is manageable for all lengths. BONUS TIP:- to give them little volume you could try brushing them backwards

  • High Bun

This is a perfect go-to hairstyle for rainy days. Grab your hair and pull them on top into a cute bun. The best thing is the versatility, you could give the bun a messy or a clean look as you want. Your hair will be tangle and frizz free, also will help you enjoy carefree!

  • Simple/ Fishtail Braid

Brush your hair well and divide them into three equal sections for a simple braid and into four for a fishtail. You can also tie two simple braids and wrap each around the crown of your head and pin it to firm them. Its best when rain frizzes your hair.

  • Half clip

All you need is a set of clips depending on your hair volume. Wrap the left section of your hair over the right and clip it, do the likewise for the right section. secure the sections well with extra clips if required and you are ready to go.

  • Half bun

this hairstyle will help you keep the hair away from your face and is the best therapy for the rainy-weather-hair blues. All you need to do is partition your hair in such a way that you leave major portion of your loose and tie up the top section into a small bun. Use hair spray for the extra oomph.


Hope the above styling options will rescue you during hectic hair days. You could also try accessorizing your hair with a rain hat or scarf to give it a boho, vintage look. Why let bad weather be synonymous to boring hair!! Go and rock the rains.



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  1. Totally loved this tips as my hair is super frizzy in monsoons and I am always looking for some easy hair styles.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this insightful post. Glad I stumbled on your wonderful detailed blogpost.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. The sleek ponytail, is my favourite hairstyle to sport, even though I’m a Hijabi. But hey, that’s what I love when I’m home or without the hijab ???

  3. Very well written! I love the monsoon season , thankfully in Mumbai it stretches for almost 4 months . But of course the hair turns all frizzy , thanks for such amazing hairstyles , will be really helpful

  4. Hey ! I am a curly haired girl and I tend to to make a messy bun all throughout monsoons! However I after reading your blogpost I feel that I must experiment with a fishtail braid too !


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