5 Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food


How about a world where you can eat a lot and not get fat? How about dodging your diet plan and not gaining weight? Seems like a utopia, right? Well, such a thing is possible to an extent. Your favorite junk foods have a few ‘healthy’ alternatives which can help you to keep your diet on point.


But before knowing about these healthy alternatives, you need to understand the psychology behind your cravings.


There are two factors because of which you crave for a particular type of food:


  • The sensation of eating a specific food item. By sensation we mean the smell, feel and taste of it. Food companies spend millions of dollars to know the right combination of spices, colors, crunch, and texture to make their food products more appealing for the people.
  • The micronutrient composition of food gets your brain excited. So the accurate amount of salt, sugar and fat or proteins, fats, and carbohydrates make you eat something again and again.


Having the psychology part sorted, now let’s dive into the list of “five healthy food alternatives” to kill your junk cravings:


  1. Bhuna Chana: It acts as a killer for all your craving for munchies like chips and spicy crisps. Rich in protein, fiber, minerals and fatty acids, this is one of the most popular snacks consumed in India.


  1. Yogurt: Also known as ‘Dahi’ in India is quite famous for its probiotic properties. It is a perfect substitute of creams/ice creams, making it a healthy pick to psychologically satiate your cravings.


Tip: Add some seasonal fruits to your bowl of Dahi that will make it much more tasty and satisfying.


  1. Dark Chocolate: Who does not adore chocolates but picking a healthy one from the shelf helps you overcome your guilty pleasures. Dark chocolates are a potent source of antioxidant and also helps to reduce the Heart Disease risk. They are a good pick from the store if consumed in a limited quantity.


  1. Dry Fruits: Sometimes you are not hungry, yet you crave junk. This is because your body just wants some energy or your mouth wants something to munch. For such a situation, handy nuts are always a great option to kill the unnecessary cravings for unhealthy calories. Dry fruits also help in satiating your sugar cravings.


  1. Popcorn: Popcorns are not just your movie partners but also your evening snacks. A packet of these pops is low on calories and helps in pacifying your after office hungry pangs.


Now as we have revealed the secrets of a fitter body, it is time for you to get over with your guilty conscience by switching the junk with the healthier options.






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