Fashion Facts about Me!

I realized that I jumped right into things, and blogging and posting without really giving you guys an idea about my Sense of Style and Fashion. I’ve come to a point where I feel responsible towards my readers and followers, and the first step to that is helping you guys to get to know me, my style and sense of fashion, my preferences and what makes me tick.
This is a 3 part series for everyone who is new and curious to know more about me. Hope it answers some of the questions some of you have been asking me about fashion, skincare and some personal facts.


1. I don’t have a signature fashion style. I believe that Fashion is an expression of one’s personality, and a Multi-faceted personality generally means a multi-faceted sense of Fashion.
2. If you did put a gun to my head, and I absolutely HAD to choose a fashion bracket to put myself in, I’d say I’m a Casual Chic.
3. I have a Pear shaped body, and I love what my Mama gave me. But its taken some time to learn to love my body for what it is. And dressing for my shape really helps, especially if I “gloss over” my problem areas.
4. I rarely accessorize. If I do, it’s usually statement earrings, or a Fashionable, fun neckpiece. Never both together, EVER!
4. I’m tall! Taller than almost all Indian women, and most Indian men.
5. I rarely wear heels. Although I do obsess over them.



6. Skinny jeans for the win. Bootcuts make my legs weird.
7. I’m obsessed with short skirts, though I have hardly worn the ones I own.
8. Shapewear is bae <3
9. I dress super casual on regular days. Although, the smallest of occasions is reason to Glam up!
10. My underconfident outfit is usually an LBD (no surprises there!)
11. I rarely wear Indian outfits. This is because I don’t think it suits me very much. I have an undying love for sarees, and I really wish I could rock certain styles of kurtas, but unfortunately, not everyone is made the same, and it really doesn’t come off as flattering (anarkalis are my uncoveted love)


These were some fun facts about me and my spin on Fashion. I do believe that our sense of style evolves over time, so stay tuned to see me on my Fashion journey.
What is your style? How do you express yourself through Fashion? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to be inspired!


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