Women’s Day Pampering with Maruva Naturals


Women’s Day Pampering with Maruva Naturals

Each year, March marks the month of women celebrating their glorious selves. With Women’s Day in the first week, the entire month becomes a Celebration of ourselves, and each other! It becomes about loving, supporting, celebrating and empowering each other. And nothing makes us feel empowered like beauty. Give a woman healthy glowing skin, and she can slay all day. If you’ve watched Black Panther, and wondered at the fierceness of the African women, know that their gorgeous glowing skin is probably one of the factors that contribute to it!

Enter Maruva Naturals. With its marriage of African Butters and extracts with age old Ayurvedic secrets, it packs quite the punch with its products. Whether its their Body or Hair oil (Read the review here ) or their Scrub and mask( Review here) each product has managed to impress.

Women’s Day Pampering

Tri-Doshi Marula Day Serum

The Brand’s promise: “Designed to combat the stresses of modern urban living, with long lasting moisturization to improve the complexion and tone of your face. Daisy extracts are known to be natural skin lightening agents which reduce melanocyte activity, which include lightening of pigmentation and age spots. Beetroot extract results in increased moisture, Blackberry extracts contain AHAs which tighten and tone the skin and Hyaluronic acid which has anti-ageing and plumping properties”

Testing the Theory:

My skin drinks up this stuff like a fish has water! It is light-weight with a distinct fragrance of Jasmine. On evenly spreading on my face, the Serum disappears within a minute at most! It leaves a feeling of tonicity, and my skin feels prepped for the cream that follows.



Pitta Mongongo Day Cream (For Sensitive Skin)

The Brand’s Promise: “Our Day cream formulation combines deeply moisturizing and powerful anti-ageing ingredients in a product specifically designed for the Pitta (sensitive) skin. The Mongongo Oil polymerises on the skin, when it is exposed to UV rays, and creates a protective layer against pollutants. Ellagic acid and Hyaluronic acid extracts reduce wrinkles and plump up the skin. Daisy Flower extract reduces pigmentation and even discolouration. Pure Mango Butter has anti-blemish and healing properties.”

Testing the Theory:

Like the serum, my skin absorbs this cream in no time. There is no tackiness, and it feels light on the skin. The immediate result which is felt after applying the day cream is moisturisation, and also tightening and toning of the skin. Over the past few weeks of my using the Day cream, I have felt an increased toning of my skin. There is a brightness and a “glow” (a term i never really understood until recently). Overall, I love this product because it makes my skin supple as well as radiant from within.



Pitta Mongongo Night Cream (For Sensitive Skin)

The Brand’s Promise: “Our Night Cream provides a whole host of benefits specifically designed to protect and nourish the pitta face during the night. our fomulation includes, Mongongo Oil which polymerises under UV light to form a protective film on the skin to protect it from pollutants. ProRenew Active which imbues Anti-ageing properties, promotes desquamation ( dead skin cell shedding) and production of essential skin proteins and enzymes. Vitamin F active nurtures, protects and acts as a skin conditioner. It also includes Ellagic acid,which combats wrinkles by protecting the collagen.”

Testing the Theory:

Of the three products, I have been most impressed by the Night Cream. It takes a little bit longer than the Day Cream to absorb, as all night creams should. However, it still manages to remain light on the skin. The next morning, my skin looks like I’ve been meeting my 20-glasses-of-water-a-day quota (ha! I wish!). There is a feeling of deep moisturization. The skin is soothed and soft. My mild breakouts have also reduced since I’ve started using this product.




All the products have greatly impressed me. They are all very light on the skin, everything absorbs quickly and without tackiness. Each product delivers what it promises. The most surprising effect was the reduced frequency of my breakouts, a lot of brands promise this, but this is the first brand where I have actually seen it happening.

Maruva Naturals is the newest entrant in the Indian market, and one to look out for. Each product screams quality, and one can see that in every product of theirs. Do check out their store at Shop no. 11 , Meherchand Market, New Delhi.



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