Spa Sundays with Maruva Naturals Scrub and Mask


Spa Sundays with Maruva Naturals Scrub and Mask

Sundays are for Spa and Self pampering.

After working hard all week, and partying even harder on Saturday, I spend Sundays resting and rejuvenating, relieving the stress of the week past and prepping for the week to come.

Sundays are all about me.

Sundays are Spa Days. And it is not unusual to find me roaming around in my bathrobe with some mask or the other slathered all over my face. Lots of Green Tea is consumed! It’s my favourite way to relax, and if you guys don’t indulge in some Spa-time at home, I HIGHLY recommend it!

My most recent Sunday, I spent exfoliating with the Tri-Doshic Marula Scrub and the Pitta Mongongo Face Mask from Maruva Naturals. I’ve been loving their Hair Oil (Read about it here) and their Face range of Serum, Day and Night creams (Read about them here) so thought of trying out these products out as well. Read on to find out about it.

Tri-Doshic Marula Face Scrub

The Brand’s Promise: This product removes dirt, pollutants, excess oil and dead skin cells which can build up on the face. The effective cleansing and antiseptic action of Turmeric Oil, Bentonite and Tagua Nut Powder and Apricot Kernel Seed powder slough away the built up grime whilst Shea Butter and Calendula extract impart mild UV protection, stimulate cellular repair and regeneration, whilst providing the skin with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and nutrients for collagen production.

Testing the Theory:

So, in general, I’m not a fan of scrubs. All the scrubs I have tried are either so harsh that I feel they might damage my skin, or so mild that I feel like they’re not doing anything at all. My other problem with face scrubs is the consistency. They are either too dry, and don’t spread at all, or too thin, so it doesn’t stick to the face and slides right off

The Maruva Scrub though, is pretty perfect in it’s consistency. The particles are fine enough for it to not be harsh on the skin, but big enough to actually do some exfoliating! The Marula oil is rich in Essential Fatty acids, while the Calendula oil is rich in anti-oxidants. The Turmeric Oil has antiseptic properties, which fight acne, while the Mango and Shea Butter moisturise. the oils and butters make the consistency of it just right for spreading on your skin and staying on till you’re done exfoliating.

After washing, my face felt smooth and the oils and butters gave it a little moisturisation.

Bonus points for a FANTASTIC FRAGRANCE! (That’s something that really makes me weak in the knees!)

Pitta Mongongo Face Mask

The Brand’s Promise: It is a strong and effective conditioning formulation. The product has Mongongo Oil which polymerises under UV light to form a protective layer on the skin, providing a natural protection UV and various pollutants.

Testing the Theory:

It has Activated Charcoal, which is well known for it’s adsorption properties to remove impurities, making it great for Sensitive skin. It also contains Ellagic acid (most common source is Pomegranate Acid) which has fantastic anti-oxidant properties, and Lavender oil, which is the best natural moisturiser.

Application is quite standard. apply an even layer all over. The mask dries quickly on the skin.

While washing, the particles are so finely milled. Washing it off is not a struggle at all!

After washing off, it left my skin nice and bright. The most surprising effect was how moisturised my skin felt post washing! That usually isn’t the case with face-masks, as they are either to moisturise or to clarify. This somehow managed to do both.

I did, however moisturise immediately after (which is a must after using a clarifying mask).

Overall Verdict:

I’m very impressed by both products. Maruva Naturals has managed to impress with every product!

You can check out their products at their store at Meherchand Market in New Delhi. It is a lovely store with a wide range of products. I’m definitely a fan!



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