Maruva Naturals – The African-Indian Beauty Union


Maruva Naturals – The African-Indian Beauty Union

Spring time in New Delhi is the warm, post winter time of the year where the flowers are in bloom, the clouds stop covering the sun and everyone gears up for Holi. But with the increase in pollution, and the warming temperature increasing the dust in the air, hair and skin suffer suddenly and with vengeance. Furthermore, Holi, however spectacular it maybe, also threatens to increase this damage due to the chemical exposure in the colours. Thankfully I recently stumbled upon Maruva Naturals and their Indo-African product line seems to be the protection I need to get through this Holi and the rest of spring free from worries!

About Maruva Naturals

A brand that has won numerous hearts in Zimbabwe, Africa, Maruva Naturals has a collection of skin and hair care products that redefine the standards of Natural Beauty! Made from African butters and extracts, these natural products have been skilfully crafted based on the ancient beauty secrets found in Ayurveda from India. Bringing together two exotic timeless cultures, Maruva Naturals has recently decided to exhibit their products in New Delhi at Shop No. 11, Meherchand Market. Take your African journey today!


Maruva Hair Oil:

The Brand’s Promise “Healthy, strong and shiny hair is one of the key pointers of a beautiful and healthy person. This product is a cocktail of oils and ingredients long known to bestow potent hair-care properties and has been specifically formulated for the vata skin. Amongst the many notable hair-care oils used in this Formulation is Mafura Butter. Long known for its highly effective cosmetic and healing properties, it is a very effective skin nourisher and revitaliser. We have also added Almond Oil, prized in Ayurveda for hair-care, this hypoallergenic oil is gentle and completely safe on the skin and scalp. It has deep penetration abilities and carries with it the natural cleansing properties inherent in the oil. Finally we add pure Argan Oil. It is regularly promoted in the treatment of dandruff, rough dry hair and inflammatory conditions. Ayurveda recommends Argan oil for treating frizzy hair conditions.



Testing the Theory

  • Mafura Butter: addressing the problem at the roots literally, the mafura butter made my scalp softer and hence my roots stronger. It stretched beyond the scalp and restored the natural softness and shine in my hair as though a conditioner designed by nature.
  • Ashwagandha Oil: The curse of hairfall was defeated by this Indian Ayurvedic remedy as it is mixed with guduchi to improve the scalp’s grip on the hair and strengthen the roots. It fights free radicals and promotes restorative sleep by reducing stress while also boosting the melanin content of the hair.
  • Black Cumin: This Indian Ayurvedic remedy that I did not know much about revitalised my hair with a renewed glow and shine by slowing down pre-mature greying due to environmental exposure. The smart use of other oils in combination, particularly using Castor Oil along alongside Argan Oil was what made me fall in love even more. Despite the thick sticky consistency we all know Castor Oil has, its combination with all the other lighter, quick absorbing oils like Argan and Olive, ensured that most of the oil had been absorbed into the scalp if left overnight, making removal quick, easy and hassle free!


Maruva Body Oil:

The Brand’s Promise Alleviates high stress levels, ease aching muscles ad revive the senses with this deep tissue Massage Oil. Experience the symphony of our therapeutic oils, packed with naturally occurring vitamins, anti-oxidants and skin soothing nutrients. This wonderful massage oil contains a select blend of carrier and essential oils that work harmoniously to help you relax, re-energise and repair tissue/muscles.



Testing the Theory

  • Baobab Oil: The extravagant African feature in this recipe is Baobab oil with its unique profile overflowing with anti-oxidants, Vitamin A, D, E and F in addition to Omega, 3, 6 and 9 Fatty Acids. The light oil is perfect for this changing scene where it addressed the need for moisturising but doesn’t leave the pores feeling blocked or the skin feeling sticky. But what impressed me the most was the skin tightening effect that sets in almost within no time of the absorption. With an arsenal for performing miracles, this elixir has repaired skin damage, reduced marks and hydrated my skin for a supple feel that lasts through the day.
  • St. John’s Wort: With properties similar to Baobab, this herb works to intensify the effect of the African oil making me appreciate the product evermore. Its physiological effect included stress being washed away in the blink of an eye, leaving my mind in a calm and tranquil state.
  • Turmeric Oil: Native to India and known as liquid gold in Ayurveda, it was exactly what my skin needed to regain its natural glow and brightness.
  • Rosehip Oil: The undeniable reduction in skin pigmentation and the elevated skin tone and texture can be credited to this oil. Any skincare would be incomplete without a member of the rose family.


If you too are looking for new, effective and chemical free ways of not only protecting but also nourishing your skin and hair to get through this Holi, check out the Maruva Naturals store. I guarantee that you will live the best of both – The Indian and African Worlds!



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